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Today, there’s debate about whether a “degree” is worth the cost. It is true that many employers are hiring based on experience and recommendations rather than possessing a formal education. That said, Oaks College is designed to give you a simultaneous hirable experience and quality education at a reduced cost, killing three birds with one stone. The classes you take in Oaks College, alongside your hands-on experience, count as accredited SAGU courses towards the degree of your choice.


Learn what it takes to lead a church with the following options for degree specializations:

Discover the career of human advocacy outside of the church with this degree with the following specialization options:

  • Children and Family Ministries

  • Church Planting

  • Church Revitalization

  • Compassion Ministry

  • Media Ministry (on-campus only)

  • Pastoral Leadership

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Worship Ministry

  • Youth & Student Ministries

  • General Education

  • General Biblical Studies

  • Specialization in Counseling

  • Psychology 

  • Social Work

  • Criminal Justice


 Learn to generate business strategies across a broad range of disciplines including planning, organizing, directing, and controlling a business. 

  • Economics

  • Business Law

  • Communication

  • Statistics

  • Legal and Ethical Principles

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