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Learning facts and information is necessary. But informational learning alone doesn’t prepare you as well as experiential learning. One of the best perks of Oaks College is that you’re in an environment where you can safely test what you’re learning, see it work in real time, and understand how you lead in a tangible ministry setting. 


Too often classes, and education become transactional. You give someone money, they give you knowledge, you prove you learned knowledge in tests, and they give you a paper that proves you “did the thing”. And then a lot of that knowledge slips away, because sometimes we really just study enough for the exam, right? We don’t want that for you. We want you to walk away from Oaks College transformed, a different person in the best ways possible. Our classrooms and classwork is built around helping you not just memorize information, but to engage with it and be transformed for future purposes. We want you to use what you learn in the classroom years from now, not just for the test you’re about to take. 

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