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My weird quirk: I know where all of the fire alarms are in every building.

Least favorite thing to do: Drive.

Hidden talent: I can hand-make a baseball bat.

When and where I got saved: I got saved in 1997 in my bedroom. As a bedtime prayer, my mom led me to Christ.

Favorite singer: Newsboys.

Favorite verse: 1 John 1:9.

Favorite sports: Football & Basketball.

Favorite books: "Ready, Set, Grow" and "Leading at a Higher Level".

Favorite TV shows: NCIS, It Takes a Thief, and any cartoon known to man.

Favorite actor/actress: Tom Hanks (because he's America's dad).

What makes me laugh: Shawn from Psych.

Regular Order at Starbucks: Water.

My biggest fear: A pregnant brown recluse spider.

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